Our Trip to LA!

Thanks for supporting our trip to LA! We recognize the privilege to travel across the country to learn more about this sector of our industry and are beyond grateful for your support. Please take time to read about how your support helps us. Donations can be made through:

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David and Joe have both pursued their careers with passion and took the first steps to making their dreams happen. Outside of the classroom they participate in competitions, extracurriculars, community projects, and a vast assortment of activities that allow them to share their skills. The connections they've made online will excel their opportunity in person there. 



Los Angeles, New York, and Nashville are the three biggest music territories in the continental United States. Understanding this area will inevitably help both Joe and David as they continue to pursue their careers as it is a key player in the entertainment world. 




The great thing about the entertainment world is that everything is connected. David's contacts at studios will support Joe's contacts in composition who will support David's contacts in music business, which will support Joe's contacts in producers, etc. Making these relationships stronger will go beyond being "helpful" but may prove essential. 


One. More. Year.

To work in this industry, you always have to be one step ahead. By Joe and David going to LA one year before graduation, it will give them both a head start on pursuing their full time jobs and understand how they can best share their gifts with the members of various communities.