Who is Dave Simons?

     At 16 years old, Simons began writing music based on his experiences while in high school. He began to write about his friends & family & how they made him feel. Songs like "What Says?" & "Livin' with Love" were written about people who influenced his life & taught him valuable lessons. In his senior year, Simons had the chance to release his first album, "Blueprints," which he'd written while still in high school. 50% of this album's proceeds are donated to charity in Simons' hopes using music as a tool for good. 

     Over a year later, Simons released another album, "Chapter 1 of the Rest of My Life" about his transition from high school to college & his journey to adulthood. Songs like "All You Wanted" express his deepest insecurities about battling with sing & feelings of inadequacy

     Now, Simons is working collaboratively with artist, Catie Moore, to produce a brand new EP featuring Moore's original music. 



Ensemble of "Footloose the Musical"

"Steward" in "Into the Woods"

"Barnaby" from "Hello, Dolly"

"Sebastian" from "The Little Mermaid"

Ensemble in the Opera, "Faust"


Pit of "Titanic"

Pit of "Big Fish"

JMU Symphony Orchestra

Monticello Strings

KCDC String Quartet

Buffalo Valley Singers

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